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Wolf shirt

A wolf t-shirt that suits all styles

Unleash your inner wolf. The call of the freedom vibrates hereafter forests and tops! For you, backpackers and animals lovers, we have achieved a new wolf t-shirt collection. Extend your connection with your totem animal, reveal your wild nature. Whether you have a biker, rocker or vintage style, our collection of t-shirts for men and women is perfect for all styles. Deepen your personality and your adventurer spirit.

Our soft touch tee-shirt is made to enhance your style. V neck, round neck, crew neck t-shirt, oversized t-shirt, slim fit or t-shirt vintage, the wolf is a symbol to consolidate  your unique and original nature, which makes you a member of our pack.

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 wolf tee shirts

Symbolism of the wolf t-shirt

Explore the meaning of your wolf t-shirt ! The symbolism of the wolf occurred since time immemorial. The wolf is an instructor and a leader. Bringer of strength and mystery, the wolf is an animal of power. It materializes loyalty and fidelity because it lives in a pack and remains faithful to its female all its life.

An ambiguous   complexity links it to man, who, while fearing it, contemplates it with thoughts, because the savageness of the wolf corresponds to the violence of every human being. The wolf incarnates individual awakening, death and rebirth, strength, dignity, freedom, intelligence and protection.

The wolf is a symbol in fables and mythologies. For example, in Celtic histories, Dug, the ultimate, is always accompanied by two wolves.

Furthermore, in Germanic legends, the wolf has a damaging nature. Indeed, it is the wolf Fenris who is responsible for the destruction of the world order. In addition to this, in Greek myths, the wolf has a positive connotation. Indeed, Apollo, the god of sun, is considered as the wolf god, because of his strength.

Lastly, in Roman fables, the she-wolf is a symbol of the founding of the city of Rome. In effect, according to legend, she took in the twins Romulus and Remus (the future founders of Rome) and raised them.

Nowadays, the wolf is seen as intelligent, free, wise and loyal, which refers to our desire for adventure, freedom and discovery. It is a spiritual guide for numerous people. Whether you wish to wear a wolf head design or another t-shirt design on a red t shirt, dark grey or black t-shirt, the main thing is that it personifies something outstanding for you.

Check-out our new arrival to find the wolf t-shirt that fits you and wear our incredible wolf t-shirt as an emblem of these majestic animals. By wearing a wolf t-shirt, you also help to convey the importance of preserving this animal in the animal kingdom.


What are wolf t-shirts made of?

As a rule, T-shirts have different compositions: cotton, linen, polyester, elastane or a mixture of several materials. Each one is different and has a different density and resistance. All print t-shirt and graphic t shirts are printed by sublimation for durability over the months and no overdyed to prevent color loss.

  • Cotton blended with spandex: Whether you want a sportswear, casual, relaxed fit, running t-shirt, we have a wide selection of t-shirts for women and men. We have a collection   perfectly adapted for sports, made from tri blend organic cotton blend with spandex and polyester, for a breathable and super soft material that provides unique comfort during your workouts. Our short sleeve t-shirts are a perfect undershirt to put underneath your wolf hoodies or sweatshirts.


  • 100% organic cotton: If you want a daily t-shirt to proudly show your love for wolves, we have a collection of 100% soft cotton, middle-weight tee-shirts, double-needle finish at the bottom of sleeves and garment, to accompany you every day.


  • Gildan ultra cotton: A unique stretch cotton t-shirt with short sleeve especially designed for a maximum comfort on a daily basis. Breathable, supple and soft material that adapts to all body shapes, preserving fluidity in your movements. Available in a variety of colors, white t shirts, grey heather, light grey tee shirt, red t shirt etc. our collection of t-shirts for women and men is an everyday garment.


How to wash your wolf t-shirt

In order to prevent your wolf t shirt printing, we always recommend that you wash it in a cold machine wash. We also advise you not to tumble dry your t-shirt to protect it from shrinking.

Concerning your printed t shirts, we recommend and advise you to wash them at 30 °C on a short cycle. The short cycle does not degrade in any way the quality of the wash, nor its smell and finally protects the environment. It preserves the fibers of your clothes, they won’t shrunk and therefore contributes to their durability.

To ensure the durability and quality of the print, it is important and essential to turn the t-shirt over when washing it.

The use of chemical agents within your machine is strictly not recommended. If stubborn fouling are present on your shirt, we recommend that you use a special cotton smearing remover to be applied directly to the grime.

Wolf Shirt

25.99 $ 30.00 $

Wolf Shirt

25.99 $ 30.00 $