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The Wolf's Lair

Also known as the marsupial wolf, Tasmanian wolf or Tasmanian tiger, this animal is a carnivorous marsupial mammal the size of a wolf, with a tiger-like coat. Long considered an extinct species, recent observations and research suggest otherwise. If you want to know everything about this incredible species, you've come to the right place! In this article we will review the characteristics of the Tasmanian wolf and discover together if the species is really extinct.
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Wolves are seen in many indigenous cultures as symbols of mystery and wisdom: the brother wolf is a guide to enlightenment.

To dream of the wolf symbolizes a facet of your fierce personality, your hostility that you find difficult to control.

But dreaming of wolves is not always interpreted in this way and can have many positive meanings, hope or negative, warning.... If, in your dream, you felt restless and were afraid of being attacked by a wolf or wolves, your dream has another meaning.

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The Husky is a dog from the Russian Far North. Its wild look, characteristic gait and howls are not unlike those of the wolf. But make no mistake, the Husky is still a dog! Fast as an arrow and strong as a lion, they are the sled dog par excellence. Endowed with a remarkable endurance, once launched, it does not stop anymore! Kind, intelligent and sociable, it is also a wonderful companion.

However, one question persists! Is the Husky crossbreed with the wolf? Admit it, you've got a lot to be convinced about. Let's see it together!

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It arouses fear, almost fear, but also a certain curiosity about the meanings that are hidden from us: we are talking about howling, the typical call of the wolf, which is sometimes used by its "domestic cousins", dogs. We have learned to appreciate this unique reputation through documentaries and films about werewolves, although its causes and meanings remain mostly inexplicable. Do you know why wolves howl? Let's see it together.
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Discover 15 amazing facts you absolutely need to know about the wolf. You think that you know everything about these animal? Check out this blog post!
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You feel like getting a wolf tattoo? But you don't know which one to choose from all the ones you've seen? Do you want to make sure that its meaning will match your personality? Then you've come to the right place!

Wolf tattoos are very popular and considered a mainstream tattoo. They can be designed in different ways and represented with different elements and symbols. Like all animal tattoos, the wolf tattoo represents the features and attributes of the wolf.

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Do you want to be able to draw a wolf? This tutorial will explain step by step how to draw a wolf step by step. For each step, you will have detailed examples of the features and shapes you will have to make to reproduce on a sheet of paper.
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The wolf is a carnivorous animal, it feeds mainly on meat. Living beyond the reach of humans, in the wild, the wolf hunts for food. The wolf possesses skills that allow him to hunt.
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Indians have maintained a wolf-like lifestyle of nomadic clans living on hunting, fishing and gathering. In fact, Native American tribes swore allegiance to a system close to nature for all eternity.

In addition to being sustainable for themselves, this system respects the Earth and its resources as well as each living being, and ensures that nature as a whole survives in a healthy and complete manner.

Indian peoples humbly fulfills the role of a great predator, just as the wolf, his brother, does. This is why the wolf has always remained a friend and a "master of the hunt" as respected as the nature he cherishes.

Before men were given life and before Odin's two ravens, there were Freki and Geri. Odin created two mythical wolves, a female and a male, to keep him company in the Pantheon of Viking Gods and to keep Midgard under protection. These two wolves inhabited the world on their travels with Odin.
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Sköll and Hati are the offspring of an old giant who gives birth to wolf-like giants in a forest east of Miðgarð called Járnviðr.

In Norse mythology, Hati and Skoll are the two wolves that chase respectively the Moon and the Sun, until the day when they will eat and obscure Heaven and Earth, during the Ragnarök.

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The mighty giant wolf of the Nordic myths, Fenrir (also known as Fenris wolf) is the one who will trigger Ragnarök, the end of the world. Fenrir's crimes in Scandinavian mythology are countless. His appearance signals a terrible danger, even to the Gods. However, Fenrir's stories do not reflect his true nature. That of a wounded animal, betrayed and misunderstood by the fear he generates.
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